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Combine Rustic & Modern for Absolute Harmony at Home

The combination of rustic and modern interior design trends into one comprehensive and irresistible look is swiftly taking over the world as one of the most intimate and raw design solutions.

Guest Blog from Kara – Exterior Palettes

It’s about choosing finishes that are true to what you love, with a few guidelines to help you along the way.

Guest Blog from Kara – Styling Small Spaces

A beautiful interior has nothing to do with the size of the space – it’s all about what you do with it.

Relishing in rose gold

Our excellent suppliers Reece Bathrooms and European Ceramics have nailed it by introducing their amazing products in highly on trend metallic and rose gold colours.

Planning Essentials: Zoning & the Kitchen Triangle

The key principle underpinning functional kitchen design for many, many years has been centred around the concept of ‘the working triangle’.

The key to bathroom happiness

Find out about the key features to consider when planning your dream bathroom.

8 tips to stay green & save money when moving house

Moving house can be an expensive and waste intensive activity, beginning with the belongings, boxes and packing material that end up in landfill, straight through to the large moving trucks and harsh cleaners that are used during the process.

How to: Build your own intelligent home?

As the internet ingrains into the way we live and work, demand for constant access and natural integration in the home has become highly sought after, harbouring a new age of intelligent homes.

How to: Ready your household for a fire emergency?

Thankfully, for many of us, it is unlikely that our homes will ever be threatened by fire but it’s better to be prepared for unforeseen incidents.

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