Combine Rustic & Modern for Absolute Harmony at Home

Posted on Thursday 21st December 2017

The combination of rustic and modern interior design trends into one comprehensive and irresistible look is swiftly taking over the world as one of the most intimate and raw design solutions.

Homeowners across the globe are falling in love with this daring synergy of old and new, imbuing their homes with the timeless charms of warm earthy colours and the aesthetic appeal of modern elements, aimed at portraying peace, intimacy, strength, and positivity.

When trying to incorporate rustic design into your home, you need to be thinking about rekindling your relationship with nature through various décor elements, everything from furniture and colours all the way to the smallest of details.

Here is how you can introduce the rustic design trend into your home and create harmony.


Positivity in the Kitchen

The kitchen is, for better or worse, the busiest room in the entire house where family members, you included, probably spend the majority of their day. Therefore, you want to design and decorate your kitchen to emanate positivity and personality through natural elements, while boasting plenty of natural light throughout the day.

Keep the countertops polished and minimalistic, opting for pure white marble that will sit perfectly atop and beneath rustic wooden cupboards and cabinets. What is more, you can never go wrong with going for all white cupboards and countertops, because just a few wooden pieces will provide enough contrast. For example, all white finishes and cupboards, go hand in hand with wooden shelves and just a few dark wood cupboards. It certainly gives it a soothing coastal feel that you will love.

Modern appliances work wonderfully in this scenario regardless of their colour, and given the fact that the floors are of white tile, the contrast will be more than soothing. Also, you want to expand your window scheme to illuminate copiously and add some greenery in the corners and you’re set. What is more, by choosing the modern tapware you will manage to balance the combination of rustic in modern in an easy and luxurious way.

Intimacy in the Bedroom

Not only should your bedroom support intimacy, peace and positivity, but it should also emanate enthusiasm and energy, able to get you up and about in the morning with ease as well as cradle you to sleep in the evening. This is the perfect place to combine multiple modern and rustic elements, introducing your own personality into the mix.

Think about keeping a modern bed but surrounding it with an antique-looking black nightstand, a chest at its base, and even a tree stub as a bedside table. As for the lighting, you can opt for modern cone lighting on the walls, or you can even complement the ambiance with wrought iron freestanding lights in the corners of the room. Additionally, you can add a unique lamp by the bed that will provide both texture and ample light.

Another important thing for the bedroom is the overall feel. The atmosphere can be easily improved through decor, of course, but there is a little something more that can help achieve that – clean and allergy-free air. In order to tie the look and feel of the bedroom together, you shouldn’t forget about setting up your best air purifier for allergies to keep the room comfortable and soothing.

Lastly, don’t forget to dress your bed with colour. Throw on a blanket in soothing dark blue and a few pillows in white, pink and shades of blue and your bedroom will not only be comfortable, but it will exude the coastal and soothing vibes you will enjoy.

Bathroom Oasis

When it comes to intimacy, serenity, and harmony in the bathroom, there can be no compromise. To encourage intimacy and peace, opt for a lighter chocolate brown for the walls, complemented with white elements and natural accents such as greenery, glass, and colourful flowers.

You need to accentuate the room and keep it from getting too dark, so look for white sinks and modern bathtubs with tall, sleek edges to complement the ambiance. While you should allow as much natural light to permeate the room as possible, you can also introduce freestanding lights that cast a warm, soft glow for those long, peaceful evenings. For extra contrast and privacy, you should rely on wood. Don’t hesitate to add timber shutters on your bathroom window to keep your privacy and give your white bathroom a soft and warm element. Additionally, you can opt for a wooden countertop under your sink and patterned or textured tiles for some extra character. Lastly, modern fixtures from Reece can help you balance that rustic feel and tie the look of your bathroom together.

Vivid Living Room

The living room could go full rustic as well, however, a better option would be to accentuate a more modern approach and only decorate with natural elements. Think about adding a glass coffee table with wooden legs in front of a beige couch complimented with colourful throws and even faux fur covers draped on the sides.

Stone walls would make a perfect addition here, and consider outlining the entire room with wooden window and door frames as well. By sticking to one or two key rustic pieces, you will preserve the intimate aroma of the ambiance while portraying a playful, vibrant story, perfect for parties and leisure times alike. Also, don’t forget to mix soft pastel colours, such as pink, shades of gray and warm brown. Add some greenery in the corners and provide a mirror with a thick dark frame and your living room is all set.

The hectic modern lifestyle requires a healthy antithesis that will rekindle your relationship with the innate serenity and harmony of nature. By introducing these timeless elements into your home, you will be able to ensure a peaceful, harmonious, and vibrant future.

Author: Catherine Collins

Photos taken by D-Max Photography at our Marina display home in Jindalee

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