How to: Build your own intelligent home?

Posted on Thursday 22nd January 2015

Leaps and bounds have been made to technology over the past 10 years with new inventions and ideas transforming the way we live. The internet especially has played a pivotal role in facilitating the creation of new technologies that allow us to connect to information anytime and anywhere. As the internet ingrains into the way we live and interact, demand for constant access and natural integration in the home has become highly sought after, harbouring a new age of intelligent homes. Our principal home technology partner, Intelligent Home has been in business since 2000 and have completed over 15,000 home automation installations, in and around the Perth metropolitan area. This Western Australian owned company is dedicated to the seamless infusion of technology with day to day living within the home and we’d like to share some of the fantastic new technologies on offer that could become part of your family’s lifestyle.

Smart Wiring

In recent years past, having Wi-Fi in the home was the next big thing allowing users to connect to the internet wireless from around the home to view webpages on their laptops and phones. This technology took people out of the study from the single connected desktop computer and gave them freedom to move about, but as rich media becomes increasingly apparent in our online consumption, the demand for high speed connection has become absolutely paramount. Wireless is no longer sufficient, especially when trying to connect with so many devices simultaneously. Gaming consoles, smart TVs, laptops, desktop computers, network printers and more, so many of these applications require a consistently reliable connection.

No one wants to wait for a video to buffer anymore and gamers face a major competitive disadvantage if they’re dealing with internet lag. Smart wiring will enable your devices to maximise their potential and allows for the reconfiguration of your home as your needs change or as your home is sold. All homes built today should have smart wiring installed, maximise the benefits in your lifestyle and avoid the expensive costs and inconvenience of rewiring later on.

Home Automation

Remember when clapping to turn the lights on and off was the coolest thing ever? It wasn’t so long ago and demand for increased control and automation in the home has driven manufacturers to deliver many exciting new features.

Control System

Lighting controls in this day and age are no longer limited to just lights. A well designed system can now include things like blinds, reticulation, air conditioning, floor heating, pool pumps and more! You can tailor your automated home environment to meet your needs.

Security Integration

When you leave home in the morning, simply arming your security system can automatically shut down the lighting in the home. No more manic checks to ensure everything has been switched off! When you disarm the security, the set lighting scenes will alight to welcome you back home.

Internet Control

Connecting your C-BUS system to your internal structured cabling (smart wiring) can allow your home automation system to go online. With an additional hardware/software package, you’ll be able to connect to your intelligent home remotely from anywhere in the world via the internet.

These features are just a few of the many services on offer and the possibilities seem limitless. As technologies advance and even more products go on the market, a whole new world is opening to first home builders. The future is now a reality and it’s within your reach, ask your home builder about how you can make your home an intelligent one.

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