The key to bathroom happiness

Posted on Monday 23rd February 2015

It’s no secret that the bathroom is one of the most considered rooms when building, buying or selling a house and here, at New Choice Homes we recognise the importance of the space when building with us. That’s why we partner with Reece for all the fittings necessary to create your dream bathroom.

Reece are passionate about all things plumbing. With over 90 years experience, they’re dedicated to having the products and knowledge that you need. They also value sustainability and providing environmentally friendly solutions and products, which is key in our hot, dry climate.

Needless to say Reece knows their stuff, and that’s why they’ve compiled a list of things to consider when planning and building your dream bathroom.


Natural Lighting

Reece Bathroom with Natural LightNatural light and ventilation not only makes for a more positive environment, but ensures your bathroom continues to look great into the future. Moisture is unavoidable when it comes to bathrooms, so it’s important to think about potential issues such as mould. By incorporating natural light and ventilation, you can help prevent the build-up of dangerous mould that can affect you and your family’s health.


Storage Options

Chances are you have a lot of products in your bathroom to help you get ready for your day. A plethora of hair products, tubes of tooth paste, facial cleaners, and various appliances all need a place to live. An uncluttered bathroom makes for an easy getting ready experience each morning, and having plenty of shelving and cupboard space can make a world of difference in the organisation and cleanliness of your bathroom. Mirrored cabinets, wall cabinets and vanity units all help you keep your space tidy and organised and with so many on-trend options available they can become the feature piece of your bathroom design.


Easy cleaning features

A messy bathroom is not overly inviting, but no one wants to spend all day cleaning it! By considering features that are easy to clean, you can keep your space looking pristine for longer with minimal effort. Things such as quick release toilet seats, and hand showers all make cleaning that little bit easier.


Heating systems

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a warm shower on a cold day. That’s why you should consider heating systems to warm the space. Little luxuries like this can improve your mornings and make waking up and getting on with your day a little easier. There really is nothing quite like wrapping yourself up with a warm towel that has been heated to an optimum temperature by a heated towel rail, or walking bare foot into your bathroom and feeling the warmth of your underfloor heating beneath your feet on a cold winter’s day. Not only do these additions make life infinitely better, but heated bathrooms also reduce the risk of mould build up by drying water and moisture in the area quicker.

By utilising the knowledge and skills of the plumbing experts at Reece, we can get on with making your dream home a reality. The possibilities are endless, ask your home builder about how you can create a perfect bathroom space.

For more great bathroom inspiration, check out the Reece Inspiration Lookbook.

Photo credit: pinterest.com/reecebathrooms

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