Moving house is an exciting change for children. Here are some rules of engagement when it comes to moving house when kids are involved.


Talk about it

Keep everyone in the loop. Presenting the move in a positive light and emphasising the adventures the new house offers is a great way of engaging the kids in the move. They’re going to ask a lot of questions. Make sure you’re prepared with the answers.


Get all the help you can

Older kids might be okay with saying bye to their old home, but the moving process can be a big change for the younger ones. Enlist the help of friends and family to help out, or use a babysitter if you can, to ensure that they’re kept busy while boxes and furniture are being shifted around them.


Go see the new house as a family

Get the kids involved in the moving process right from the beginning. Visiting the new house, checking out the neighbourhood’s parks and stopping by the local shops are all great ways to help the kids become familiar with their new neighbourhood.


Plan their new room

Encouraging the kids to plan out their new bedroom is a great way of getting them excited about the move. Talk about where they can put their favourite belongings. Picking out new paint colours or furniture together will help them feel at ease with the new surroundings.


Pack smart

We all prefer comfort and stability, and kids are no different. Simple measures like packing a special box with their favourite belongings can really help ease the chaos of moving and ensures that their favourite things are easily found when needed. Another good strategy to keep disruptions to a minimum is to pack the kids rooms last and unpack it first.


Be prepared (for anything and everything)

Life can be unpredictable with toddlers and babies at the best of times. Have all the important information you might need during and after the move, like your local hospital, chemist, grocery store and takeaway close to hand, or in the glove box. You won’t regret it when you run out of nappies.


Enjoy the process

Moving house is a big and exciting change. Stay calm and focussed and give yourself plenty of time to prepare, move and settle in. Enjoy the move and your new home!

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