5 DIY Projects to Personalise your Backyard

Posted on Friday 9th January 2015

Whether you’re renting, building or have bought an existing home, everybody wants to make their house feel like their own. With more room to move, the backyard is a great place to start when exercising your creative flair. We’ve put together a list of fun DIY projects to give your backyard a personalised touch!

1. Glowing Orbs

If your backyard is looking a little dark or you just want to give it a little bit of magic, you can put together these great orbs as a feature in your garden! All you need is to find some old light shades from your local op shop and some grab some Christmas lights to stuff inside!

You’ll be recycling some unused junk and turning it into something spectacular! For a seamless look, try digging your cables under the soil, and get a timer so that the lights come on automatically at night. If you haven’t got access to a power point outside, try getting some fairy lights with a solar panel and even better, you won’t even need to spend a cent on electricity!

Credit: The Art of Doing Stuff

2. Outdoor Giant Xylophone

If your kids are hiding inside the house this summer, give them a reason to get outside and play in the backyard! This fun musical project is pretty cheap and easy to make, you can even get your kids involved with painting.

The only materials you’ll need to create this masterpiece is some wood, rope, staples and your choice of colours! If you haven’t got a good saw to use at home, see if you can get your local hardware store to trim the pieces to size and cut out some of the hard work!
You can be proud of your hard work and you’ll have some budding musicians in no time.

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens


3. Backyard Sand Pit

For those who had a sand pit growing up, it’s something of a rite of passage as a kid! The sand between your toes and building castles – there was nothing better. You could just buy a clamshell and be done with it but there are so many great ideas for custom sand pits that can really make a home in your backyard.

If you are making the sandpit a permanent fixture in your yard, just make sure you choose the perfect spot; shaded enough so your kids don’t get burnt but sunny enough so the sand stays dry. Line the pit with off-cuts of wood or rocks to create a boundary for the sand. Be sure to distance the pit away from the backdoor to avoid getting your house filled with sandy little footprints!

Credit: Childhood101


4. Bird Feeder Chandelier

This Bird feeder Chandelier or “Birdelier” is such a fun and pretty idea that would sit perfectly in an enchanted backyard garden. It’ll give your backyard a nice antique feature and attract some local birds to come and visit!

You’ll need to source an old chandelier to use as a base but that’s likely to be the hardest part. You could attach some bowls, give it a paint, hang some beads, add some candles or anything else you want to give it for your personalised touch.

The possibilities are endless, the results are amazing, and the birds will love you for it!

Credit: Songbird Blog


5. Miniature Beach Garde

If you love the beach but don’t always have the time to make the trip out, bring the beach to your backyard with this miniature beach garden. It’s the perfect centrepiece for that empty outdoor table!

This little garden is deceptively simple to make, just pick out some miniature plants and prepare the pot as you usually would. All you need to do it top it off with some washed white sand and furnish it with some scavenged beach items like shells or driftwood.

Credit: Sunset

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