The first night in your new home

Posted on Tuesday 30th September 2014

Moving into your new home is an exciting time! You’ve got the keys and all that stands between you and your first night in the new place is the furniture, all your worldly belongings, and handing the keys over for your old place. Here are some tips to make that first evening in your new house a great one!


Plan ahead with a box of essentials

Make sure you have a box of all the things you’ll need on hand for the new house. Ideally, this box should be one of the last items to be packed at the old house, and the first to be unpacked at the new one. In it, you’ll want things like:

  • kettle
  • tea, coffee, sugar and mugs
  • snacks
  • takeaway menus for the new area
  • phone charger
  • toilet paper
  • towels and toiletries

Having this set up will not only make the first night easier, but will also be a welcome relief the next morning as well, rather than having to unpack boxes to find the coffee.


Make the beds first

Making the beds first isn’t just a great idea for cleaning up a bedroom. It also makes sense when you’re moving house. There’s really nothing like collapsing into a freshly made bed at the end of the day. This is doubly true of moving day. It also provides a clean surface to pop items of major importance when you’re unpacking, not that you’ll want them on your bed at the end of the day.


Have food delivered

More supermarkets these days are offering grocery delivery as a service. While you may still prefer to do your shopping yourself, having some supplies delivered on moving day can be a huge relief when all the moving is done and you just want that cup of tea and biscuit. You will probably be busy with unpacking and sorting out the new house, so getting the essentials delivered just makes sense, and saves you time and energy.


Say hi to the neighbours

They’ve probably been watching you go back and forth all day, but knocking on the neighbour’s door to say is a surefire way to get the conversation started. An added bonus of introducing yourself to the neighbours is they’ll be more likely to give you an insider’s guide to the area. Ask them about the good restaurants, coffee shops and parks to visit. They might even lend a hand when moving those heavy pieces of furniture!

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