The finished product of three 3x2x2 villa’s completed in Greenwood was of a high quality. Pre-start was great and the New Choice staff were extremely helpful with assisting me with colour and materials choices which made things a lot less stressful. New Choice Homes met the time frames and were very helpful throughout construction. I was able to meet the supervisor whenever I requested (within a few days from notice) and I was given informative updates on progress throughout the build.I am very happy with the colours, fittings and finishings throughout the 3x houses. The kitchen appliances and stone bench top are standouts, bathrooms are also great.
My only negatives were the finishings on some of the paintwork. Due to building 3x houses and conducting a final inspection on all 3x at once I missed a few things I should have picked up. I only noticed it later on when 2x of the houses were up for sale. I contacted New Choice and they sent out a painter to do any re-work on areas I wasn’t happy with at their cost ASAP which was I was very impressed with.
All in all I was very happy with the service with the New Choice staff and happy with the end product.

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