Interior Design: Make your bedroom a Sanctuary

Posted on Thursday 25th September 2014

Your bedroom is the most private place of the home. It allows you to leave behind the daily noise of life and provides a space for rest and solace.
We spend most of our time in the bedroom with an average of 8 to 10 hours sleeping. It makes sense to make it into the haven we all want. To help you relax and get a proper night’s sleep, we have the top 5 tips for making your bedroom a sanctuary.



Rid your bedroom of excess stuff – collections in the bedroom can clutter spaces, and gather dust. The more you have to look at the least restful the space will be.

Introduce soft lighting

Adding candles or fairy lights into the room allow you to rest your eyes and help create a relaxing environment.


Add beautiful scents to your room

A calming aroma such as lavender in a room with sprays, pillow mists, candles or linen water can all help engage your senses towards a relaxing mood.

Get some beautiful bedding

Hopping into a comfy bed at the end of the day instantly takes you to that calm and relaxed place. High quality natural fibre sheets, soft underlays and blankets can all contribute to the quest for the perfect rest.


Switch off

Leave the hectic outside world and keep your bed a personal sanctuary by keeping electronic devices out of the room.
Among all rooms in your home, the look of bedroom should be the most relaxing. It should have a calm atmosphere. The interior design you choose will greatly affect the ambience and mood of your bedroom. Your bedroom will also reflect your personal style and taste, and reflects who you are as a person.

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