Interior Design: Choosing the right colours for the floors and walls of your home

Posted on Thursday 18th September 2014

Did you know that you can make rooms look instantly bigger, warmer, deeper or narrower simply by mixing light and dark on different surfaces?
By pairing the right floor colour with the right wall colour, we help you to make the most of the space you have.

Light and Dark

As a general rule, lighter colours will open up a room to make it feel bigger, while darker colours will make the space feel smaller. Playing around with various combinations of these, though, can make a room feel very different.

Light Floors

A lighter-coloured floor will make your room feel airy and optically bigger. It is also gives the room a cleaner, timeless appearance. Lighter tones on the floors will pair well with both dark and light walls.

Dark Floors

If you’re looking to add some contrast to your space, a dark floor will add instant dramatic atmosphere to your room.
Putting It All Together
Light and dark tones on floors and walls can change more than just the look of a room. Different combinations on the surfaces of your space can instantly shift the feel of a room.

Using light tones on both the floor and walls makes a space appear extra large. Too many light colours, however, and your space might not look as personal and warm as you’d like.

A dark rear wall with light tones on other walls and floor of a room will make a room appear smaller. If you want to have a feature wall use vibrant, bright colours rather than darker ones.

By framing a light wall and floor with darker side walls, a room will appear narrower, deeper and higher. Keep the ceiling light as well, or the space will seem to close in on you.

Dark walls in a room with light floors and ceiling will make the eye follow horizontal lines. This is great if you want to make a room look broader.

By retaining a lighter floor and painting the walls and ceiling dark, the room will seem to have less shape to it.

Using a dark floor with light walls and ceiling will instantly make a room look wider. This is a great combination if you need to open a space, but don’t want to seem too large.

Darker tones on both the floor and ceiling will make the room seem wider and the ceiling seem lower.

If you’re looking to make the light of a room come from the top, look to use dark flooring and wall colours. This can give a room something of a ‘basement’ feel.
Once you start experimenting with colours, it’s amazing how one room can look so different. The impact of light and dark within a space can be huge.

Image credit: Quick Step

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