Does your block have the potential?

Posted on Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Put yourself in the best position with New Choice Developments.

No doubt these are uncertain times, but that doesn’t mean you need to shelve your development plans.

Chat to our team and organise a free, no-obligation site assessment to get started. We’ll even draw up plans to show you how you can make the most of your block’s potential. From there, we can also take care of finance, approvals and construction.

Our units start at just $135,000* so why not give our expert team a call and see what develops.

With all the information at hand, you can then decide on the viability of your project and choose to send it through the approval process, or just hold tight for a while.

Either way, you’re informed with all the facts and are ready to go whenever you’re comfortable. And you’re ahead of your competitors.

Our New Choice Developments Consultants are available to meet in person, virtually or over the phone and discuss your plans.

We can complete all of the required steps before you need to decide whether to pause or proceed.

Let us show you what’s possible. Book in a time to chat with our Developments team today.

Happy developing!

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