Are your appliances causing your electricity bills to soar?

Posted on Wednesday 18th March 2015

Did you know that the average Perth family can consume at least 7000kWhs of electricity per year? This could cost upwards of $1960 per year! If that seems steep, fear not. You can easily reduce your electricity usage and your power bills simply by doing things a little differently. The way you interact with your appliances determines how much power you use. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of appliances that affect your bill the most and tips on how to use energy more efficiently.


Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems are often the top contenders for the most expensive appliances to run. Especially during 30 degree Australian summers! Rather than sweating it out or forking out, you can opt for cheaper alternatives such as floor fans or portable space heaters. You could also limit your air conditioning usage to the hottest parts of the day, or keep the temperature set at the recommended minimum, 25 degrees.


Washing Machines & Clothes Dryers

There are plenty of ways to reduce your electricity usage when cleaning your clothes. Most of the cost of running a washing machine comes from heating the water. By washing your clothes with cold water, you can reduce your usage by 3 quarters. You can also save electricity by air drying clothes on the line or a rack rather than using the dryer.


Hair Dryers

For such a small appliance, these things can certainly suck up your electricity! By using a lower temperature or the air setting, you can save on your bills. Better yet, let your hair air dry. It’s better for your hair, the environment, and your pocket.



Fridges suck up a lot of power because they need to be on constantly. By setting your fridges’ temperature to between 0-4 degrees Celsius, checking that the seals are airtight and manually defrosting every now and again, you can increase its energy efficiency. Covering your food with plastic wrap can also help, as uncovered food releases moisture that makes the compressor work harder.



Dishwashers may trump hand washing in some cases, but you can still follow a few rules to keep your electricity usage low. If you can set the temperature, using a lower setting will reduce the cost of heating water. Also, making sure you fill the dishwasher (without overfilling) for each cycle will improve your electricity efficiency. As an alternative to machine drying, you can leave the door ajar and air dry your dishes.

So as you can see, all it takes to reduce your bills is a few changes to how you use your appliances. You can also ensure that you buy appliances with high energy efficiency ratings or use green energy alternatives such as solar. These things can make all the difference. Take charge of your energy consumption today. The environment and your wallet will love you for it.

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