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Planning Essentials: Zoning & the Kitchen Triangle

The key principle underpinning functional kitchen design for many, many years has been centred around the concept of ‘the working triangle’.

8 tips to stay green & save money when moving house

Moving house can be an expensive and waste intensive activity, beginning with the belongings, boxes and packing material that end up in landfill, straight through to the large moving trucks and harsh cleaners that are used during the process.

5 DIY Projects to Personalise your Backyard

Everyone wants their home to really feel like their own, here are five fun DIY projects to make your backyard shine.

How to: Create a healthy bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most used and important rooms when you are looking at building or buying a new home.

Interior Design: Make your bedroom a Sanctuary

To help you relax and get a proper night’s sleep, we have the top 5 tips for making your bedroom a sanctuary.

Interior Design: Choosing the right colours for the floors and walls of your home

Did you know that you can make rooms look instantly bigger, warmer, deeper or narrower simply by mixing light and dark on different surfaces?

How to: Tell if a suburb is right for you?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is about a suburb that makes you feel at home but there are some crucial elements you need to consider before taking the plunge and moving to a new hood. 

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