An Update from Construction

Posted on Friday 27th March 2020

To Our Valued Clients,

As we are all aware, the impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the world. During these unprecedented times, the Health and Safety of all Staff, Clients, Trades and Suppliers is of the utmost importance to us and must be taken seriously by all.

New Choice Homes remains open for business as usual. To allow us to do so, we have implemented measures to minimise the risks of all involved so please have the confidence that we can continue to work through these challenging times together, minimising any negative effect to you, our valued clients.

These include but are not limited to the following:

• The majority of our teams are now working remotely from home and the construction team are not attending large meetings or team events during this period

• Strict principles and guidelines now apply in our office and construction sites.

• Ensure the Government’s social distancing criteria and self-isolation rules are met at all times

• Ensure that there are adequate hygiene facilities and safety equipment are available

• Manage site progress by scheduling trades to minimise overlaps and numbers of people on site

• Facilitate contactless deliveries, payments and travelling out of peak times

• Give updates on latest Government requirements

• Make sure that nobody is on site or in the office that has been overseas or has been in contact with anyone who has been overseas, is showing symptoms of cold or flu, has the virus or has been in contact with anyone showing signs of or with the virus.

• Increased cleaning in our display homes and offices including sterilisation of all client contact and common areas twice a day

• Increased cleanliness procedures with our site toilet suppliers

There are many other safety measures being put in place and we expect all our trades and suppliers to take all appropriate measures to create and maintain a safe work environment.

Client Liaison Update

Eleanor, your client liaison for any homes under construction or in the maintenance phase, will be working from home as of Monday March 30, 2020. To assist with this change, the preferred contact method will be via email. In the case you need to speak to Eleanor, please email her requesting a call and she will call you at her earliest opportunity.

Site Meetings

Moving forward, I ask that you do not visit site within business hours to minimise any risk to yourself, your Family, the trades, suppliers and staff that may be on site. Client Site meetings will be put on hold effective immediately and will only be booked if deemed essential.

I will monitor this daily and every circumstance will be judged on its merits with strict safety measures put in place for any face to face site meetings that may proceed.
At this stage, the Practical Completion Inspection will remain in place, again, with strict safety measures put in place. Any 6-month maintenance inspections and maintenance works that do not affect the day to day operation of your home or pose any safety risk or cost to you will also be placed on hold effective immediately.

If a site meeting is agreed to, prior to the meeting being confirmed, Eleanor will respectfully ask that you confirm in writing;

• That you have not recently travelled,

• That you have not been in contact with anyone who has recently travelled

• That you are not experiencing any symptoms of cold or flu

• That you have not been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of or who has a cold or flu

I understand you will be very keen to view your home, but please remember Health and Safety takes precedence.

With the above said, please have every bit of confidence that the New Choice Homes Team will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, albeit in more challenging circumstance where the Health and Safety of all involved takes priority, Your home will still be given the high level of attention to detail it deserves.

I strongly encourage you all to take all the necessary precautions outlaid by our governments and medical experts in your day to day lives. There is no doubt these are anxious times for us all with Mental Health also being very important and at the forefront of our minds. Keep calm, stay positive and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Please see below for 10 tips to Reduce Anxiety, Social Distancing and Identifying the Symptoms that may be of benefit to you.

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Usual Links

We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and keep you updated however please also take responsibility to listen and abide to all current and future Government announcements. Some links to keep up to date can be seen below.



The responsibility lies with not one individual, but with ALL individuals. Your actions will make a difference!! Make them a Positive difference!!

Kind Regards,
Simon Spadaccini
Construction Manager
New Choice Homes

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